Many congratulations on your Opus Magnus. This is a compendium every serious croppie needs to have in their library.
Lucy Pringle - crop circle researcher and photographer

A must have for any serious researcher or enthusiast.
Karen & Steve Alexander - crop circle researchers and photographer

It is phenomenal and I believe you have made one of the most significant research contributions ever to the circles.
Michael Glickman - crop circle researcher and geometer

It is an amazing piece of work. It will undoubtledly become THE crop circle archive and it's an invaluable contribution to crop circle research.
Allan Brown - crop circle researcher and geometer

This is a beautiful opus wich is absolutely outstanding in it's precise description and it's exact listing of all crop circles worldwide.
Wolfgang Schindler - invisible(circle - crop circle researcher and geometer

I'm absolutely thrilled on such a fantastic job.
LEBONZE - croppy and designer

Congratulations! It is everything I had hoped it would be. Thanks for your archive!
Kenneth Heck - author

I ordered two sets and work a lot with it. Best regards and much success with your great work.
Rudolf from Munich, Germany - croppy

Congratulation to you in creating this extremely valuable
Paul from Scotland - croppy


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